Tech Awareness for Tomorrow

Technology continues to advance and shape how we experience and interact with our world, reaching wide-ranging areas of our life related to the food we eat, the houses we live in, how we get around, and how we communicate. In addition, modern technology continually advances medicine, improving and increasing our lifespan. We at MPL are excited about the possibilities these changes will provide and welcome the opportunity to help design and manufacture components for the next generation of devices.

While most advancements have evolved steadily, a few have made monumental strides in a surprisingly short period. The following are a few more impressive technologies to keep an eye on over the next few decades.

Sustainable Resources

Because there is a finite supply of certain traditional building materials and we are quickly approaching the end of that supply, scientists have been experimenting with several technologies that could help to replace these resources. These replacement materials have increased strength and longevity, more convenient application, and lower environmental impacts. For example, nano-sized carbon filaments show the potential to replace traditional rubber in the production of tires; carbon nanorods are being explored as an alternative resource for stronger aircraft and aerospace structures; bio-plastics are proving an effective replacement for petroleum-based plastics for single-use plastic items.

Electric Vehicles

Another area to watch, related to sustainable resources, is the development and production of vehicles that don’t rely on traditional fossil fuels. Every major auto manufacturer has been pushing the limits of technology to introduce and innovate electric vehicles to their fleets. In addition to respected industry stalwarts like Mercedes and Cadillac, upstart companies like Tesla are developing a number of related new technologies.

Alternative Energy

As part of the push for electric vehicles, the energy infrastructure we use to power our technologies is also changing. Tech companies are developing longer-lasting batteries, faster-charging capabilities, more efficient operations, and increased grid connectivity. Wind, solar, and hydrogen power innovations are being developed and improved at an astonishing rate to support these infrastructures and reduce our reliance on traditional, non-renewable energy sources. MPL has contributed personally to this effort by manufacturing components for solar energy conversion and storage devices.

Autonomous Transportation

Technology has long been adapted to increase the comfort and convenience of modern transportation. The next evolution of these efforts involves the development of autonomous vehicles. Companies like Google and GM have been working on self-driving cars. Hyundai is developing autonomous ships. The impacts of this autonomous transportation range from decreased traffic congestion and improved crash avoidance to more efficient fuel consumption and reduced travel costs.


Adding to the conveniences of modern technology, robots are being designed and introduced for several applications. First, robots are being considered for efficient last-mile delivery services for companies like Amazon. Second, robots are being developed to handle any number of service tasks, from food prep to medical monitoring. Finally, robots are increasingly used in autonomous emergency response situations - mainly aerial drones. This is a space MPL has and will continue to serve successfully in the future.

Whatever the next 50 years hold, technology will play an increasingly significant role. We at MPL are proud to do our part to produce and provide many of the “brains” for these devices, pushing the boundaries of PCBs and box builds as we participate in this 21st-century renaissance. We anxiously await the next significant technological breakthrough and welcome the strides it will allow us to make as a society.