Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

Turnkey PCB assembly services are integral to any electronic manufacturing business, which is why it is so important to choose the right partner for your manufacturing needs. MPL’s Turnkey PCB Assembly Services allow you, the customer, to dedicate your focus completely on the design and development of your unique product lines, rather than the details of putting them together. With this service, we’ll handle material procurement in its entirety as well as complete assembly of your printed circuit boards.

With four high-speed assembly lines and four additional manual placement lines, our company is able to cover a wide range of assembly needs. Whether your project requires high-volume production of standard PCB assemblies or advanced engineering for custom PCBA prototypes, MPL Incorporated can accommodate your business with the efficiency and innovation your products deserve.

Pre-production Assembly Services

Pre-production assembly services often involve the initial prototyping of PCB products. As a provider of turnkey services, MPL Incorporated is involved with your order every step of the way. From material procurement to testing and Design for Manufacturability recommendations, our team of experts will assist your pre-production PCB prototypes as they transition into full production. While pre-production assembly orders may differ, we offer a two-day turnaround option for most prototype assembly requests. 

Low- To High-volume Production Assembly

After pre-assembly, we offer extensive PCB assembly services for both high- and low-volume production orders. As an expert circuit board assembly provider, we can fulfill orders carrying complex BOMs, up to, but not limited to 2000 total components. Our complete assembly services accommodate fine pitch down to 12 mil on the production side, as well as tracking down hard-to-source components on the procurement side—ensuring that your every need is met when you partner with MPL. In addition to our turnkey services, we offer consignment PCB assembly and partial consignment PCB assembly to those who prefer to supply their own components (or some).

PCB Assembly Specialists

With PCB assembly services being as crucial as they are to electronic manufacturing, we know it is essential for our customers to trust the team handling their orders. MPL Incorporated boasts over 30 years of experience in the PCBA industry, which not only signals to customers that our knowledge is dependable, but it is also field-tested. Take advantage of our experienced procurement staff and strong vendor relationships by choosing MPL’s turnkey service.

Beyond experience, we are proud to guarantee industry-leading precision and consistency through our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality control system. Moreover, our quality assurance systems are proven effective through our exceptionally low return rates: 0.01% averaged over the last three years. Moreover, we deliver this type of quality on time, with OTD rates of 98.7% despite ongoing supply chain issues. MPL has earned a reputation for being a low maintenance supplier, as we are able to adapt to any project’s requirements. These metrics are something our team takes incredible pride in and something that will directly impact your bottom line—partner with MPL today and let us show you what we can do!

PCB Assembly Request For Quote

Our staff is standing by to assist with any questions or order inquiries. MPL offers preferred pricing and direct savings pass-throughs for our customers. To request a quote for our complete turnkey PCB assembly service, please consult our RFQ page, and call us at the number listed below if you have any further questions. For a complete list of documents required for quote, click here.

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