Industrial Controls

Industrial controls is another market sector that MPL has been lucky to serve over the years and one that has a great deal of applications within the industry itself. High-quality automated circuit board assembly is the key to powering the equipment most industrial facilities rely upon. We assemble products for use in manufacturing centers, distribution centers, and anywhere else industrial controls are found.

Assembly in Action

A western New York company that offered a wide variety of automation products and services to OEM and end users, including automation controllers, servos, and stepper controls was looking for a reliable supplier of circuit board assemblies who could consistently meet shipping schedules and keep costs down. They chose to work with our company, and MPL has since maintained our relationship with this customer, acting as a prime supplier for the past seven years.

Automated Circuit Board Assembly for Durable PCB’s

Facility conditions across the industrial sector can vary, but typically PCBs used in this industry must endure demanding facility environments. Factors, such as rough handling, machine vibrations, fluctuating temperatures, or even industrial chemical use are not uncommon in these settings. At MPL, our automated circuit board processes and high-level equipment are capable of producing printed circuit boards built to last. We construct our products with durable materials and offer a selection of high-quality finishes that can further improve your PCBs’ ability to withstand harsh industrial environments.

Automated Circuit Board Assembly: Industrial Control Applications

As the advancement of technology continues to transform numerous industries, including industrial control sectors, automated circuit board assembly continues to advance at the same pace to accommodate growing PCB needs. From manufacturing equipment, such as electronic drills or presses, to industrial measuring equipment, MPL is committed to providing circuit board assembly services for all of our customers’ PCB-related industrial needs through a skilled workforce and industry-leading automated equipment.

Quality in Automated Circuit Board Assembly

As an automated circuit board assembly service provider, MPL stands out among the rest due to our thorough commitment to quality manufacturing. We employ a quality assurance system that has earned our company a reputation for excellence, as well as ISO 9001:2015 certification. As a result of our efforts, we are proud to report low yearly RMA percentages, as well as high On-Time Delivery rates. Averaged over the last three years, our RMA rate is 0.01% and our OTD rate is 98.7%. Discover the difference that our automated circuit board assembly services can make for your industrial control applications and contact MPL today!