At MPL Incorporated, we service a variety of industries, from the medical field to the communications sector. At the heart of it all, our interest is to forge long-lasting relationships with all of our customers, regardless of industry. We understand the costs associated with switching suppliers, which is why at MPL, we give every reason not to—this has led to an average relationship length within our current customer base of 16+ years. With a multitude of different applications, our refined manufacturing processes allow us to meet all of your stringent printed circuit board design requirements. From multi-layer (24+) and flex-circuit technology, to RF with tight tolerances, we have the staff capable of delivering your product with the quality and workmanship it deserves. Explore MPL’s excellent on-time delivery service for yourself, exhibiting a 99.2% OTD in 2021.

Medical PCB Assembly


With MPL's expertise in medical PCB assembly, we helped a medical device company with their prototypes that met the stringent standards of the FDA.

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military vehicles


When a company who works closely with the defense department needs a manufacturer of circuit boards, MPL Incorporated is the high-quality service provider of choice and has been for over 15 years.

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MPL helped a telecommunications company with the specialty circuit assembly they needed to produce and bring their new product to market.

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Respected members of the transportation industry come to MPL when they require the full-service contract manufacturing services that we provide.

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Automation and Industrial Controls

Industrial Controls

A New York company who specializes in automation products came to MPL for their automated circuit board assembly expertise. Discover how our MPL can do the same for you.

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circuit assembly for commercial products


MPL ensured that a company who produces entertainment systems received their circuit board assembly services for their devices efficiently—in both cost and time!

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