Medical PCB Assembly

With MPL's expertise in medical PCB assembly, we assist medical device companies with prototypes and products that meet the stringent standards of the FDA. MPL has an efficient solution for every medical industry challenge.

Our Medical PCB Assembly in Action

A 19 year old medical device company in Central New York was looking for a partner to help develop prototypes that would meet the stringent standards of the Food and Drug Administration and perform to "Good Manufacturing Practices" (GMP). MPL has worked with this customer and their team of engineers over the past 15 years. Since the first order, we have worked to ensure that our PCB assemblies used in their products meet the high quality standards of the FDA.

Excellence in Medical PCB Assembly

In the medical industry, inaccuracies can be detrimental in the field, which is why at MPL, we understand the need for exacting precision and reliability for PCB assemblies. We invest our time and resources to continually improve our products and set the standard in the industry for quality. Our commitment to providing excellent medical PCB assemblies has had clear results— all MPL PCB assemblies, including those not intended for medical application use, have achieved impressive RMA rates. Most recently, MPL recorded an RMA percentage of .02%, and we continue to perfect our assembly process to ensure our customers never find cause to return their medical PCB assemblies.

Quality PCB Assemblies for the Medical Industry

There is no limit to the uses for medical PCB assemblies, especially as the industry continues to expand and make technological advances. As the industry continues to grow, our team at MPL is dedicated to growing our ability to meet your needs. Our mission is to exceed our customer's expectations by providing exceptional service and high quality manufacturing within a flexible production framework. We accomplish this mission through several quality assurance practices. Additionally, all date codes and lot codes are captured for full traceability, benefitting our customers in the medical industry once they have received their finished PCB assembly.

Prototyping for the Medical Industry

In the constantly evolving landscape of the medical industry, many customers' response to the heightened demand for innovation requires participation in PCB prototyping — a specialty at MPL. This service requires the ability to respond quickly to design changes as they are made, therefore, it is necessary for customers to partner with a PCB assembler that prioritizes quick-turn capabilities. With our innovative manufacturing processes and experienced workforce, MPL is able to not only provide cost-effective prototyping solutions — but also a superior level of quality and reliability that is required for the medical industry.

High Mix, Low Volume PCB Assembly Capabilities for the Medical Industry

Not every PCB assembly company can address the necessity for high mix, low volume orders that PCB prototyping introduces to the assembly process. Fortunately, MPL is capable of meeting those needs of our medical industry customers, whether they require thousands of identical pieces or 2-piece quickturn prototypes. Our team is able to serve these needs by implementing rigorous supply chain management, flexible business practices, and the use of high-quality assembly equipment.

IPC Accepted PCBA for the Medical Industry

The IPC was founded to help regulate PCB assembly, ensuring that the quality standards for specific industries were always met. There are several different classes of IPC certification standards, including IPC-6013, which is used to verify that PCB devices are cleared for use in the medical industry. MPL is knowledgeable of industry standards and works with our customers to produce assemblies according to their exacting requirements.