MPL Testing Department

At MPL, we understand the importance that testing plays in the production of PCBA’s and it is for this reason that we offer this service in a multitude of forms, across several process steps—from Isolation Testing to Environmental Stress Testing.

Regardless of your product's form, fit or function, there is a good chance that we have the testing capabilities you are looking for. However, with our first pass yield average recently reaching 99.9% and an 0.01% RMA averaged over the last three years, many customers forgo testing altogether and allow for shipment of product after final inspection is complete. Having said that, our RMA % is a number that our team takes immense pride in and one that you can guarantee we will try to meet or exceed year after year.

Explore Our PCB Testing Options:

Power/Ground Isolation PCB Testing

Power/Ground isolation tests are performed to eliminate electrical shocks or power-related accidents, ultimately to ensure PCB safety before the product is put to use.


PCB Voltage Checks and Adjustment

PCB voltage checks and adjustments ensure that high voltage will not damage insulation when the product is put to electrical use. 

Simple Go/No-Go PCB Testing 

One form of simple functional PCB testing is the Go/No-Go process. By testing the final functionality of finished PCBs, our team can verify whether or not the product functions properly, and as a result we will make a “go or no-go” decision regarding the PCBs.

Signal Integrity PCB Testing–(Function Generators/DVMs/Etc.)

When designing complex electronic components, MPL uses signal integrity tests during the  development stage of PCB design. Signal Integrity testing involves discovering and removing conductor irregularities and flaws in order to maximize PCB consistency.

PCB Programming

MPL employs a variety of PCB programming, including:

  • Pic Kit (MPLAB)
  • Xilinx (FPGA)
  • LabView
  • JTAG

Environmental Stress PCB Testing

PCB environmental stress testing addresses issues that commonly occur to electrical assemblies that are used in varying environments, such as changes in electrical constants caused by temperature fluctuations. 

Cleanliness PCB Testing

Cleanliness testing for electronic assemblies and PCBs determines if the product contains any contaminant materials, and if so, what type of material the contaminant is and in what amount. 

Cable/Harness Pair & Signal PCB Testing

Cable assembly testing includes complete testing for shorts, opens, or incorrect wiring. This test situation fully replicates the installation that the assembly was built for.

Customer Supplied PCB Testing

Figuring out which PCB testing processes are right for you can be difficult, especially when no two projects are exactly the same. Providing Full Functionality of Completed Product Testing and so much more, our team can help you determine which tests are crucial for your order. Additionally, we are able to provide additional testing services with any customer supplied fixtures. 

PCB Testing of Class 3 Assemblies

In addition to our more standard PCB testing services, we offer Class 3 assembly testing as well, which applies to projects that must meet stricter quality standards, such as PCBs for the aerospace or medical fields.

PCB Analysis Lab 

MPL is situated in a prime location, located right across the street from a PCB Analysis Lab. This additional resource is at our disposal to use according to customer needs.

PCB Subcontracting Flying Probe/In-Circuit Testing

MPL would be happy to outsource either of these processes for you, using a qualified partner, or, depending on the size of the order, would entertain the idea of purchasing necessary equipment to perform these tests in house.

Flying probers conduct non powered testing for:

  • Resistance
  • Capacitance
  • Inductance
  • Opens
  • Shorts
  • Diode checks