MPL has served the communications industry since the establishment of our PCB assembly and manufacturing company. Telecommunications, in particular, is a sector of the communications industry that has always had a great need for quality PCB assembly services. MPL eagerly accepts the challenges that this industry faces as it constantly innovates to keep up with demand. Explore the ways our team has already assisted our customers in changing the communications industry for the better.

An Example of PCB Assembly Service within the Communications Industry

When our customer, a member of the telecommunications sector and world leader in specialty glass and ceramics needed to provide optical fiber cable and components to customers around the world, they called on MPL and our team of PCB assembly experts. They were specifically looking for a local contract manufacturing partner to meet the needs of their industry. This meant a company that would manufacture new PCBs at a quick and reliable pace, as the timely introduction of new products was critical to maintaining their position as an industry leader. MPL consistently provides fast turnaround of specialty circuits to meet customer needs, which is what made our PCB assembly service perfect for this client. 

Uses for PCB Assembly within the Communications Industry

Within the communications industry, specifically telecommunications, there are numerous uses for PCB assembly and manufacturing from phones, to gaming consoles, computers, and more. PCB assemblies have become commonplace in our daily lives, despite being relatively unseen in most applications. As a result, it is important for the communications industry to depend upon PCB assemblies that can often withstand daily use, as well as potentially harsh environments. Luckily, MPL offers high-quality finishing and coating services that provide protection from elements, such as moisture or vibration, ensuring that your product is built to last.

Additionally, many telecommunication PCB assembly applications must integrate into compact product designs, especially as demand for smaller electronic products rise. MPL addresses this need with lightweight, intricate PCB assemblies that can suit a variety of different uses, while still remaining durable.

Quality PCB Assembly for the Communications Industry

The quality of MPL’s PCB assemblies is what sets our company apart from the rest. As an industry leader, we value our reputation for excellence and continue to live up to it by implementing quality assurance systems and achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification. These systems have accomplished the job they were designed to do, as shown in our RMA rate of 0.01% averaged over the last three years. We provide efficient delivery services as well, with an average OTD rate of 98.7%.