In addition to our full-scale PCB production runs, our specialized facilities and staff enable us to fulfill custom, quick turn PCB prototype assembly runs. At MPL, we are uniquely positioned to offer a manufacturing line dedicated to prototype projects only - resulting in increased flexibility to support schedule changes, specialized equipment and operators with a long history of working with low volume production runs.

Each line consists of two manual pick and place stations and two auto placement machines. Depending on quantity and how material is procured, MPL will use either all manual placement or a combination of manual and auto. In turn, this helps reduce the need for full tape and reel and reduces or eliminates excess material fees.

Innovation in Quick Turn Prototyping

PCB quick turn prototyping is typically a process that requires the ability to respond to revisions while still meeting strict performance and production scheduling requirements. With our innovative manufacturing processes and experienced workforce, MPL is able to provide cost-effective prototyping solutions in conjunction with fast and effective service.

Supply Chain Management for Quick Turn Prototyping

For PCB prototyping services to be considered “quick turn,” the manufacturing company must have ready access to materials necessary for product assembly, as this directly impacts the expected lead time of the prototyped order. While recent years have proven that supply chains are easily disrupted, MPL strategizes our approach to prototyping to allow for quick turn service as much as possible amidst industry-wide shortages. Our procurement teams have access to a lengthy list of material suppliers that MPL has established partnerships with, which allows us a greater degree of flexibility for quickturn prototyping projects.

Quick Turn Prototyping Timeframes

At MPL, we understand that our customers' time is incredibly valuable, as is minimizing the time getting your product to market. This is why at MPL we ensure PCB prototypes are fabricated within a 1-2 day time frame after the receipt of all material while the pre-production phase will be completed in 1 week, plus the longest material lead time. While these turnaround times vary, with MPL, our customers benefit from our experienced procurement staff and strong vendor relationships that accelerate production timelines.

Quality and Reliability That Automated PCB Assembly Provides

The advanced PCB assembly equipment that MPL utilizes includes the industry’s latest automated technology. Our cutting-edge PCBA tools, combined with unparalleled craftsmanship, allows for reliable, high-quality prototypes. MPL is able to guarantee this level of product quality and consistency in our prototype printed circuit boards because we are certified in accordance with the latest ISO 9001:2015 certification standards. Additionally, MPL offers a quality customer service experience as well, boasting a strong industry reputation for being a low maintenance PCB assembly company.

Design for Manufacturability + Quick Turn Prototyping

Customers will be happy to learn that as part of a first time prototype run, MPL offers a 10-point Design for Manufacturability evaluation. The DFM is a vital tool used before entering the pre-production or production phases of manufacturing - at times, before entering into any type of production, period.

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) exists to optimize the manufacturing process and minimize potential costly errors for pre-production, production, or additional prototype runs. This 10-point checklist covers a variety of project areas including: Documentation, Component Layout and Panelization, Silkscreening etc. It is a service that MPL is proud to offer and one that we have been expanding on and improving since our inception in 1991.

Quick Turn Prototype Delivery You Can Count On

Our reliability goes beyond product prototyping and manufacturing; at MPL, we take pride in our excellent on-time delivery rates. Over the last three years, our average OTD was 98.7%. For dependable delivery that matches the reliability of our quick turn prototyping and PCB assembly services, look no further — MPL has you covered.