The Importance of EMS Collaboration

There are many ways PCB assembly companies must strategically operate in order to avoid needless costs as the result of supply chain shortages. One of the most important areas of operation relate to the collaborative approach of working with EMS companies, or electronics manufacturing services companies. Good communication can often become the deciding factor as to whether an order is delivered on time or not - today, more than ever.

At MPL, we work hard to ensure that both our customers and our EMS partners view our company favorably and receive excellent customer service on our end. As it relates to EMS companies in particular, there are a number of factors that allow MPL to be perceived as a good customer:

Sharing Accurate Demand Forecasts

Currently, it is not enough to simply provide EMS companies with large demand for components to receive favorable treatment. In a time when everyone has a need for high-demand, low-supply parts, larger company orders no longer take priority by default. Instead, EMS companies are more willing to partner with those who provide accurate demand forecasts and data. This is advantageous to EMS companies because it allows their business to operate more efficiently, maximizing their own profits while simultaneously providing their customers with difficult to source parts.

Greater Collaboration on Production Scheduling

In addition to sharing accurate demand forecasts, manufacturers can also set themselves apart by prioritizing collaboration as it relates to production scheduling with EMS companies. This benefits EMS companies as it allows them to be on the same page with their customers and operate with few scheduling surprises further into the ordering process. Furthermore, by working closely with suppliers, customers gain greater access to their components during every step of the ordering process, reducing the risk of receiving poor quality products from an unreliable EMS company.

Involvement in the Development of Innovations

Lastly, it can be useful for manufacturers to involve their EMS partners in the development process for related innovative solutions. By involving their suppliers, companies set themselves up for success, EMS companies are often able to provide feedback on parts, suggesting functional alternatives when the supply chain demands for certain components make it impossible to fulfill a particular order.

Choosing Trustworthy EMS Partners

In recent years, it has become especially vital for customers to choose trustworthy EMS companies to work alongside. While it has always been necessary to verify that your EMS partner fully complies with industry requirements and implements thorough counterfeit detection, it has become more common amidst supply chain issues for EMS companies to cut corners for the sake of completing hard to fulfill orders. Because of this, it is crucial to use ongoing dialogue with partnered companies to ensure that you are in good hands.

Beyond communication, many customers also make it a point to regularly visit their suppliers, which allows them to verify firsthand that they are entrusting their projects to reliable suppliers and mitigate supply risks. Moreover, by using the aforementioned strategies to set themselves apart as a trustworthy customer as well, manufacturers gain priority access to partnerships that will set them up for success.