What Is the Secondary Component Market and How Can It Reduce Our Lead Times?

No industry is being hit like the semiconductor industry when it comes to supply chain disruptions. Procurement teams are seeing 30, 40 and 50+ week lead times for components, regularly, in what appears to be the “new normal”.

Unfortunately, those delays are just not feasible in certain cases and if you fall in this category, we suggest you explore the secondary component market with MPL. Depending on the components listed on your BOM, it can be one of the most effective ways to improve lead times for your business. That being said, it does come with added risk and should only be done through the proper channels. Counterfeit parts are a problem - a problem that becomes more prevalent in our current situation of supply and demand. At MPL, we are able to balance risk and cost while dealing with only the most reputable secondary sources.

Not every PCBA company can successfully take advantage of the secondary component market, but MPL holds years of experience and a network of trusted partners. At MPL, each secondary source is carefully vetted by our procurement team and through discussions with franchised distributors.

Meeting Market Demands Through Secondary Component Sourcing

Not only does MPL pride itself on meeting market demands for PCB assembly service, we also do so without delay. This ensures that our customers’ orders are delivered on schedule. While most projects can be accomplished in-house in a timely manner, the electronics market continues to evolve and expand, so at times, when demand spikes, it is necessary to source secondary components. MPL is fully prepared for these occasional projects— by establishing relationships within the secondary component market, we are able to fulfill order needs quickly and efficiently, while maintaining the punctuality that our customers have come to expect from our business.

Determining Viable Parts from the Secondary Component Market

Our team of vendors on the secondary market maintain stringent testing and quality standards to protect the customer from counterfeit parts. Counterfeit parts are one of the biggest risks when not purchasing from large, franchised distributors, which is why MPL is so serious about our process for determining viable PCB components from the secondary market.

Implementing the MPL Inspection Process for Secondary Components

At MPL, we employ a team of inspection experts to perform inspection techniques for all of our customers’ orders. From automatic optical inspection to manual solder joint testing, we utilize every process available to ensure the quality of finished projects. These verification and inspection procedures are similarly used during projects that involve the secondary component market. MPL doesn’t gamble when it comes to quality, which is why our inspection process for outside components must meet our typical manufacturing standards.

Trust MPL to Navigate the Complicated Waters of the Secondary Component Market

Purchasing from trusted secondary sources can be one of the most effective ways to avoid considerable lead times, however, not everyone is equipped to navigate this territory while balancing risk avoidance and cost – this comes with experience. Trust the company that has led the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) industry for over 30 years and get in touch with MPL today.

MPL is constantly optimizing our production process to improve two key averages: On Time Delivery rates and Return Merchandize Authorization rates. Currently these two percentages are quite impressive, with our 2021 Average OTD being 99.2% and our 2021 Average RMA% being .01%. Our success is not the result of one single business practice; instead, we implement a number of efficiency enhancing processes to deliver the best possible products to our customers. One of these key processes includes utilization of the secondary component market.