In addition to our full-scale PCB production runs, our specialized facility and experienced staff enable us to fulfill custom, quick-turn PCB prototype assembly runs. We have an entire line dedicated to this service and are able to maintain outstandingly low return rates for prototype and full production runs, with an overall RMA percentage of 0.02% for the year 2020, and more recently reaching .01%. Discover what this reliable and quick-turn service can do for you.

Quick-Turn Prototyping Timeframes

At MPL, we understand that our customers’ time is incredibly valuable, as is minimizing the time getting your product to market. This is why at MPL, we ensure PCB prototypes are fabricated within a 1-2 day time frame after the receipt of all material. Pre-production of these assemblies takes 1 week for production, plus the longest material lead time. While these lead times vary, with MPL, our customers benefit from our experienced procurement staff and strong vendor relationships that accelerate production timelines.

Innovation in Quick-Turn Prototyping

PCB quick-turn prototyping is typically a process that requires the ability to respond to revisions while still meeting strict performance and production scheduling requirements. With our innovative manufacturing processes and experienced workforce, MPL is able to provide cost-effective prototyping solutions in conjunction with fast and effective service.

Quality and Reliability That Automated PCB Assembly Provides

The advanced PCB assembly equipment that MPL utilizes includes the industry’s latest automated technology. Our cutting-edge PCBA tools, combined with unparalleled craftsmanship, allows for reliable, high-quality prototypes. MPL is able to guarantee this level of  product quality and consistency in our prototype printed circuit boards because we are certified in accordance with the latest ISO 9001:2015 certification standards. Additionally, MPL offers a quality customer service experience as well, boasting a strong reputation for being a low maintenance PCB assembly company.

Quick-Turn Prototype Delivery You Can Count On

Our reliability goes beyond product prototyping and manufacturing; at MPL, we take pride in our excellent on-time delivery rates. In 2020, our OTD was 99.5%, and since then our OTD percentage improved to reach 99.65%. Both of these percentages exceed our annual goal of 98%, the standard at MPL Inc. For dependable delivery that matches the reliability of our quick-turn prototyping and PCB assembly services, look no further—MPL has you covered.